Genuine Solutions Relocate to Sustainable & Regenerative Premises

Multi award winning Genuine Solutions has developed an international reputation throughout the mobile industry for its unswerving commitment in reducing the volume of e-waste and its impact on the environment.
GS Relocation

The company which has been pioneering the recycling and re-use of mobile accessories and devices for decades is now taking a huge step to underline its commitment to be in the forefront of the fight against climate change.

It has moved its entire operation to a new business centre ensuring a dramatic reduction in the company’s environmental impact.

Their newly refurbished home in Silverglade Business Park will remove the dependency on gas and will be powered by solar energy enabling the company not just to be sustainable but regenerative too.

This “money where your mouth is” decision will see a significant reduction of carbon emissions from energy by an estimated 60% through smarter energy consumption and space utilisation, supporting the businesses’ objective of becoming NET Zero by 2029.

“Everyone who knows our company knows that our vision put simply is to help Save Planet Earth,” said CEO Paul Crossman

“So when we came to review our strategic plan, we kept challenging ourselves, what more can we do? And so, it seemed the right time to make this decision to underpin our commitment in our vision.

We were at a crossroads. Covid had impacted significantly on working practices, and we were keen to respond to the demands of our team to have the opportunity to work from home.

Most importantly, however, it became very clear that the quality of design and build has taken massive steps forward – allowing for companies like us who place sustainability at the heart of what we do to take advantage of this and invest in a new home.

We understand that no move isn’t without disruption, but we are confident that the extra efforts made by everyone will deliver the benefit of drawing us closer to our vision.”

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