Treading lightly on the world we love by becoming Carbon Neutral

After weeks of deliberation by TechRadar Pro and the Mobile Industry Awards team, we are delighted to announce that Genuine Solutions has been shortlisted for two coveted Mobile Industry Award awards.

Resource Futures

As award-winning mobile technology recovery and distribution experts, we undertook our first annual carbon footprint for the year (2019-2020) and now support several global sustainability and community care projects that offset their carbon impact.

Helping fund a project to stop unplanned deforestation and degradation in Brazil, and supplying financial support to buy more efficient household cooking stoves in Guatemala, that help to reduce the amount of harmful emissions, are just a couple of these initiatives.

But the commitment doesn’t stop there.

Sights are firmly set on improving the Carbon Footprint rating year on year, measuring all emissions and by continuing to work closely with sustainability experts and making strategic partnerships, and it is our hope to make a credible commitment to become Net Zero by 2030.

But why stop there? Our passions run deep and we want to take more steps forward to help remove and hopefully one day reverse the damage wasteful technology has had on the earth.

This forward-thinking vision is driven by Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Christian McBride, who says, We are passionate about service and doing the right thing. It is just simply not about the bottom-line results but the overall impact that we create, this is how we measure success.”

Making a bold move to achieve this they engaged Resource Futures, experts in helping others understand how to maintain impact of resource use and use resources in a sustainable way.  They provided a companywide sustainability audit and calculated the business’ first annual Carbon Footprint.

Armed with this information we then worked with another green industry expert Carbon Footprint Ltd, who manage the global sustainability and community projects mentioned above.

We have finally reached a Carbon Neutral position, and strive to make even more energy efficiencies to further reduce the impact on the environment.

So far a massive 9,000 tonnes of WEEE waste have been prevented from ending up in landfill, helping to extend the life of devices, empowering other businesses to make better more sustainable choices, and drive up consumer demand for refurbished products.

Operations Manager, Neil Robinson has spent the last 12 months making sure this goal was achieved, “It has been an interesting and worthy project, with lots of learnings along the way, but I am pleased to say we have finally reached a Carbon Neutral position, and strive to make even more energy efficiencies to further reduce the impact on the environment. I’m very proud of all we have achieved as a business.”

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