European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR)

During 21-29 November, the European Waste Reduction Week (EWWR) encourages and promotes awareness-raising actions about waste prevention in Europe. There is a large amount of waste generated during the manufacturing process of products and invisible waste is the EWRW’s focus this year.

Extending the lifecycle of devices through recycling reduces electrical waste and C02 emissions caused by electronic devices. Next year, companies within the European Union will start adopting Right to Repair standards to make devices last longer and supply spare parts up to 10 years.

At GSUK waste is not an option. Our mission is to save planet earth by extending the life of mobile technology products and find new users for these products continuing their life-cycle. We believe that the best form of recycling is reuse that’s why we strive for 100% reuse and zero waste, landfill is not an option for us as we find a useful home for everything we process.

Our aim is to be a useful contributor to the circular economy and are always looking for ways on how we can use our expertise to make this planet more sustainable by reusing resources. We contribute to waste reduction by providing services that allows our clients to reuse products themselves and also provide recycling services for products that cannot be resold as well as component harvesting, allowing the reuse of devices, creating more value for businesses around the globe, people and the planet ‘ Good for you, Good for planet Earth’.

For more information about European Week for Waste Reduction please click here.


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