Genuine Solutions become Export Champion

The Department for International Trade have assembled a group of Champions across England from companies of all sizes, representing a range of sectors, and covering all parts of the country.

Department of International TradeGenuine Solutions has been selected due having a successful international trade track record, close connections with the Department for International Trade and a thriving international performance. Genuine will participate in a number of activities to support the Government’s strategy to increase the UK’s value of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of exports from 30 to 35%.

“It’s great that we have been recognised for our achievements and our ability to support.”

Chris McBride, founder of Genuine Solutions said, “It’s a real honour to be chosen to support the DIT, with only 40 companies selected from the UK to support it, it’s great that we have been recognised for our achievements and our ability to support”.


What is an Export Champion?
Export Champions are individually selected exporters who are managed by DIT Regional Teams and will provide face-to-face and online encouragement to businesses through both one-to-one and one-to-few interactions. As well as engaging with other companies as ambassadors, guides and critical friends, they provide a pool of vetted companies for PR and ministerial events and are a group of “DIT friendly” companies with which to test ideas.


About Department of International Trade
The Department for International Trade is an international economic department designed to secure UK and global prosperity by promoting and financing international trade and investment and championing free trade. It is responsible for:

  • Bringing together policy, promotion and financial expertise to break down barriers to trade and investment, and help businesses succeed
  • Delivering a new trade policy framework for the UK
  • Promoting British trade and investment across the world; and
  • Building the global appetite for British goods and services.


To deliver an outward-looking trade diplomacy strategy, the department’s key priorities are:

  • To promote UK exports of goods and services, to support a growing economy that creates wealth for all, supports jobs and meets our wider national interests
  • To deliver the best international trading framework for the UK outside the EU, including through building our capacity to negotiate and administer a national trade policy
  • To maximise opportunities for wealth creation through supporting Foreign Direct Investment, with a renewed focus on outward FDI (overseas direct investment) to support the Current Account.


You can find more information by visiting or contacting:
DIT London
T: 020 7234 3000

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