Authorised Economic Operator Certification

Genuine Solutions has achieved the Authorised Economic Operator (AEOF) status following a rigorous assessment.

We have achieved the full AEO status for both AEO standards:

  • AEO-C Customs Simplifications, which focused on establishing internal quality management controls for customs compliance.
  • AEO-S Safety & Security which focused on supply chain security measures.

There are 562 AEOC and 19 AEOS, in total we have been added to an elite group of 1187 who have an AEO certification.

Genuine Solutions join elite group to become one of only 1,187 businesses to hold AEO certification.

The BBC found that since 2016, only half of the UK firms who applied for AEO status have been successful and up until beginning of March 2021 in the UK, there were only 606 full AEOF companies, which we have now been added to this list.

These AEO statuses demonstrate that Genuine Solutions’ role within the international supply chain is secure and that our customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant. It enables us to continue to provide significant advantages to our clients in the import, export and distribution of products and ensures our goods can pass through customs as quickly as possible.

The AEO status streamlines the customs process allowing easier passage of goods imported and exported to and from the UK and across EU countries. The EU and UK are expected to recognise each other’s AEO status in the post-Brexit trading environment. The status allows us:

  • Greater access to priority clearance
  • Reduced administration
  • Reductions or waivers of deferment and comprehensive guarantees
  • Increased transport security
  • Fewer delays in despatch
  • Improved security between supply chain partners
  • Quicker access to other customs authorisations

This application and assessment were a cross functional undertaking, with every department throughout the business contributing. This intense application involved a weeklong remote audit followed by an onsite audit – with the main audit delving deeper into detailed assessments on specific areas such as:

  • Finances
  • Shipping procedures
  • Compliance with customs requirements
  • Quality management including documented procedures and the customs knowledge
  • Security and storage

We are really proud that throughout the entire process there were no major issues and that our existing procedures and policies were already of a high enough standard, meaning there were no requirements for the business to create anything new.


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